Academic Support
We have several ways students can seek academic support at South Middle, Catch-Up Cafe' & After-School  Academic Assistance are just a few.

Catch-Up Café               
Teachers have the opportunity to send students who have not finished an assignment to Catch-Up Café during lunch.              
The counselor provides a quiet area for the student to work and eat their lunch.In addition to a missing assignment, teachers can have students complete tests or quizzes from an absence.
This is a very short time period so it can not be used for an evenings worth of work or a long test.


After-school Academic Assistance
Triple A is an after-school program which matches up A+ students from the high school with a group of students struggling with a subject.
Students meet with the A+ tutor once a week when school is in session.
The student or parent can contact their grade level counselor to sign up for the program.

There is limited availability so students may be placed on a waiting list.
Missing more than two sessions can result in removal from the program.

Do you need more resources??
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