Attendance Secretary:
Mrs. Melissa Gittemeier
[email protected]

Parent participation is a critical element in encouraging good student attendance.  Here at South Middle School, we believe that parental involvement is an integral part of the success of our students.  Parents are encouraged to call school or email the attendance secretary prior to the start of the school day whenever their child is to be absent. Verification informs the school that you as a parent/guardian are aware of where your child is, and that they are not at school during school hours. 

The following attendance guidelines (linked below) for student absences have been implemented by our school district and are the guidelines that we follow. 

Elementary and Secondary Attendance Policy


Late Arrivals

If your student is late to school, you are required to call, send a signed note, or scan and fill out the QR code that is posted at our doorbell.  Students should sign in immediately at the attendance office upon arrival to school.  Reoccurring, late arrivals will result in referral to the grade level principal. 

Sign out Procedures

In order to sign out your student, you MUST show proper ID.  We can not release students without verifying identification.  Please do not call and request to have your student waiting in the main office. Utilization of valuable class time is of utmost importance. This policy is in place for the safety of our students and we need to be able to verify with whom we are sending students. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.